Psychotherapy is a psychological intervention which uses various methods and theories to treat health and illness. The first known Psychotherapist is famous Austrian neurologist, Sigmund Freud. Psychotherapy helps you resolve a large variety of emotional issues and develop inner resources, allowing you to understand yourself better and change behaviour patterns. Psychotherapy is a process that helps you to look at and work on the attitudes, thoughts, and behaviours that affect you and your relationships. It allows you to go deep into your psyche to discover the root causes of your problems, resulting in significant changes in your perspective, especially towards yourself, your life experiences, and the world in general. Ultimately, Psychotherapy aims to empower you, by increasing your self-awareness, to free yourself from unconscious triggers or impulses that are controlling you.

Psychotherapists develop a respectful, kind, and collaborative therapeutic relationship with you, and help you achieve your goals. Vera, our Psychotherapist, is passionate about helping you through your whole journey towards health and well-being.

what is counselling?

Counselling is a little different to Psychotherapy. Counselling is about achieving a particular goal or solving smaller issues. It is basically described as providing advice and support for dealing with a particular problem or event. Counselling occurs naturally within a psychotherapy session, so Vera will use both counselling and psychotherapy techniques to help you!

what is the difference between
psychotherapy and psychology?

Psychotherapy focusses on a more Eastern method of counselling, with roots in Eastern philosophies. It provides a more holistic view of your health. Your psychotherapist joins you on a journey of self-discovery while healing your mind and body at the same time. Psychotherapy focusses on supporting you through your health journey and allowing you to embrace who you are right now. Psychotherapy philosophies acknowledge that you have all the answers inside you, your psychotherapist just helps you discover them.

The point of psychotherapy is to look at yourself and where you are right now, internally and externally. In your sessions, you won’t be digging up the past much, as sometimes dwelling on past events can be unhelpful in moving forward on your health journey. Of course, if you feel it’s helpful, Vera will talk with you about it, but psychotherapy allows you to accept that the past happened and you are who you are, helping you to move on and improve your life.

Vera, our Psychotherapist, doesn’t focus on diagnoses. Sometimes labels can be unhelpful in trying to overcome the problems you are noticing in your life. By focussing more on your “symptoms”, Vera gives a new perspective, allowing you to move past feeling stuck or to keep up general maintenance of your mental health and daily reactions.

what does a typical consult look like?

A typical consult looks like chatting with a friend. Vera will listen to you and allow you to lead the discussion, looking mostly at how you feel in the present. You will sit in our safe space (The Southern Lines room) on a couch and chat, with some tissues and a fresh glass of water nearby.

should i get psychotherapy?

ANYONE can get psychotherapy.* Whether you feel like you have a major mental health or physical health problem, or you just need someone to chat to, psychotherapy can help. If you feel like there’s just something bothering you but you’re not sure what it is, or you just need regular maintenance of your wellbeing, we definitely recommend coming to see Vera! Psychotherapy is beneficial for everyone.
*Vera is not currently providing psychotherapy for children (under 15) or couples.


Vera Deciccia
Vera, our Psychotherapist, believes that the best results are achieved when your body and mind are treated together. She is passionate about helping you through your whole journey towards health and well-being. Counselling and psychotherapy can help you solve problems, develop inner resources, understand yourself better, and change deep-rooted patterns of behaviour.  Each person has a unique combination of life experiences and Vera’s approach of personalised and integrative therapy addresses this. 

Vera will establish a respectful, kind, and collaborative therapeutic relationship with you, and help you achieve your goals. Vera’s practice is based on a variety of theories that include Gestalt therapy, Systems therapy, Narrative therapy, Attachment theory, and Transpersonal approach.
When she’s not expanding her knowledge on her favourite topic – the human psyche, Vera enjoys spending time in nature, cooking tasty meals, and socialising with her friends.
English and Russian Online sessions available via Telehealth or Zoom.

client testimonial

I cannot speak highly enough of Andrew and the team at SA Integrated Therapies. Andrew is a genuine healer and he has assembled a team of like minded professionals who really care and want to help you. Andrew has significantly improved my quality of life


Do yourself a favour and go and see the team here. You’ve put that niggling pain off too long.
Can not recommend enough. Therapist are extremely knowledgeable and explain every step of the way. Self service cafe area so you can flex your barista muscle if you feel the need.
After dealing with chronic back pain for nearly 10 years, in only two sessions I feel like a new man.
Many thanks Andrew and co!


Have been attending Integrated Therapy for many years. I can’t stress enough how they have helped me with my back problems. for
this l am so gratefull. I have managed a normal life and continue to still work. All five stars have been honestly earnt.


I love the space and the vibe it gives off. I always feel calmer when I’m in there.


The team at SAIT is a friendly, helpful unit, making one feel confident in the treatment offered by professionals.


Always a good experience and good result. I love the atmosphere when I enter the building