Musculoskeletal Therapy is the assessment and treatment of the muscular and skeletal system and all their associated components, including tendons, ligaments, nerves, cartilage, joint capsules, joints, and more. MST assessments and treatments look at how all these components integrate and impact one another. A Musculoskeletal Therapist will identify and address the underlying causes of your conditions in order to provide long-term relief, whilst also treating the symptoms to provide immediate relief. Your Musculoskeletal Therapist will produce a holistic and systematic plan of assessment, treatment, exercise prescription and condition management. This treatment plan will be planned according to your unique needs in order to get the best possible outcome for you.


We invite you to come and experience the difference. It is not until you are in a consultation that you will be able to truly recognise the difference! Our Musculoskeletal Therapists are like 4D therapists – they take many things about the body into account at a greater depth and complexity. Our Musculoskeletal therapists seamlessly look at how your personal structural imbalances, joint and muscle dysfunctions, muscle firing sequences, fascia pathways, neural networks, internal organ functions and psychological factors affect one another. We live in an amazingly complex, beautiful body system that we often neglect, both internally and externally, and our bodies can end up with various traumas and imbalances due to our daily activities! At SAIT, we will provide a systematic and logical assessment and treatment process personalised to you, and we explain it in depth so that you fully understand and can actively take part in your healing journey.

Techniques that may be used within a musculoskeletal therapy session:


Andrew Roesler
At 19 years of age, Andrew started his career working as a Musculoskeletal Therapist, and over the past 20 years has grown on his knowledge through mentorship (with world-renowned Dr Paul Conneelly), study, and experience. His unique working approach combines looking at all conditions from a scientific, but also complementary health approach.

Adding to Andrew’s extensive body of knowledge is his degree in Exercise Sports/Applied Science Human Movement studied in Queensland and Adelaide – giving rise to the title Human Movement Specialist. Two years spent working abroad in Alberta, Canada, was a fantastic period of Andrew’s life in which his work flourished and good times were spent living life to the full. In recent times Andrew has wanted more people to experience the potentially wonderful results of his work, and the only way to do this without affecting his work-life balance was to train other like-minded therapists.

The business now thrives and continues to grow on the back of creating a one-of-a-kind experience for the clients. From the amazing clinic setup to the first-class results-based treatment, Andrew can only hope that more and more people come to know about the brilliant service SAIT provides. Although Andrew loves his job, the true loves of his life are his daughter, son and kelpie (named Fugee), manipulating his working hours so he can maximise the quality time he spends with them.
Sporting pursuits have always been a big part of Andrew’s life, and these pursuits have blessed him with more injuries than nearly all his clients put together – he says it’s all in the name of research! Mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding, football are just a few activities that occupy Andrew’s time outside of the clinic. His other interests include playing his acoustic guitar and saxophone, drawing, photography, travel, and so much more… there is just not enough time in each day!
Matthew Grosser
Matt, our Myotherapist, has always had a keen interest in anatomy and sport. This lead to an interest in helping others perform at their peak and avoid/recover from injuries.

Matt started his health education at the College of Natural Health where he completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage & Certificate 4 of Massage Therapy. Wanting to improve his knowledge and ability to help others, Matt took further studies in an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy at RMIT University, Melbourne. Matt also holds Certificates 3 and 4 in Fitness, completing these at the Australian Institute of Fitness. Matt’s comprehensive list of qualifications and experiences give him a deep knowledge of the body and injury rehabilitation.As a Myotherapist, Matt will commence the consultation by taking a thorough look at your health history, followed by testing the necessary muscle or joint for the presenting condition, and also looking at neurological indicators. He will manually palpate muscles and joints to identify the cause of the complaint, not just treat the symptom. Matt focusses on treating the cause, alleviating your symptoms, and minimising the likelihood of your injury or pain reoccurring. He does this by utilizing a variety of treatment techniques, such as myofascial dry needling, cupping, deep tissue massage, and exercise prescription.
Peter Babbage
Peter, our Bowen Therapist, has travelled along a journey filled with many different workplaces and lifestyles. His background ranges from doing corporate work in an accounting firm, to the fast-paced life of a kitchenhand in one of Adelaide’s busy hospitals, to working on his family farm over on the Yorke Peninsula. These experiences have enhanced his understanding and allow him to relate to a very diverse range of clients, improving his Bowen Therapy treatments.

Peter has been on the receiving end of a lot of Bowen Therapy treatments since he was 12 years old. His interest in this field really began when his Bowen Therapist moved to Melbourne and there was a lack of Bowen Therapists in his area. In 2014, Peter completed his Diploma in Bowen Therapy and immediately started up his own clinic based in Minlaton.

Over the last 3 years, Peter has divided his time between treating clients, farming, umpiring A grade football, and learning new skills to continue to improve his Bowen Therapy treatments.

In Peter’s Bowen Therapy treatments, he applies the techniques of Advanced Musculoskeletal Therapy which he learnt from Andrew
Roesler (our Director and Musculoskeletal Therapist) and Dr. Paul Conneely. He also has ongoing training sessions with all of our practitioners, allowing him to gain knowledge from a variety of modalities. This means Peter can provide you with a holistic and integrated assessment, treatment, and outcome when combining the knowledge he has gained with his Bowen Therapy training.

Outside of his work as a Bowen Therapist, Peter enjoys yoga, photography, travelling, hiking mountains, and playing and watching cricket!

client testimonial

I cannot speak highly enough of Andrew and the team at SA Integrated Therapies. Andrew is a genuine healer and he has assembled a team of like minded professionals who really care and want to help you. Andrew has significantly improved my quality of life


Do yourself a favour and go and see the team here. You’ve put that niggling pain off too long.
Can not recommend enough. Therapist are extremely knowledgeable and explain every step of the way. Self service cafe area so you can flex your barista muscle if you feel the need.
After dealing with chronic back pain for nearly 10 years, in only two sessions I feel like a new man.
Many thanks Andrew and co!


Have been attending Integrated Therapy for many years. I can’t stress enough how they have helped me with my back problems. for
this l am so gratefull. I have managed a normal life and continue to still work. All five stars have been honestly earnt.


I love the space and the vibe it gives off. I always feel calmer when I’m in there.


The team at SAIT is a friendly, helpful unit, making one feel confident in the treatment offered by professionals.


Always a good experience and good result. I love the atmosphere when I enter the building