Physiotherapy is a health profession that uses expertise and physical techniques to assess your conditions and improve your quality of life by reducing your pain, improving movement and supporting your body’s natural healing abilities.


Physiotherapy treatments and technique include:


Physiotherapy aims to address any pain, injuries, dysfunction, mobility restrictions or strength deficits that may inhibit healthy movement or performance demands.

Our initial consultations are generally one hour long. This includes a complete orthopaedic and functional movement assessment so that your treatment can be specifically tailored to you. Depending on your individual needs, treatment may focus on pain management, rehabilitation, mobility and/or strength and conditioning.

Education and understanding your body is an integral part of healing. We believe that the key to healing lies within the client. Part of what we do is empower you through education – helping you understand your health needs and the incredible potential you hold to manage your body outside of the clinic so you can live your best life without constantly needing us!


Here at SAIT, we truly value you and your health, which is why our Physiotherapists offer comprehensive one-hour treatments. This gives you the opportunity to be thoroughly assessed and treated with a high quality of care, and also gives our Physiotherapists time to explain what is going on with your body and how they will work with you to fix it. But if you have a busy schedule and don’t have an hour to spare, there are 30-minute and 45-minute appointments to choose from as well!

Our Physiotherapists also undergo constant training in sessions with our other therapists. This gives them a deeper understanding of your body – with insights from Chinese Medicine, Musculoskeletal Therapy, and more – and allows them to treat you more holistically, improving your current symptoms and treating the cause of your pain/injuries.


Kym Carter
Kym graduated in 2014 with a Masters in Physiotherapy, following a Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Nuclear Medicine) in 2012. Since graduating, she has worked as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, taking a holistic approach in treating spinal and peripheral injuries.
Along with her degrees, Kym has also completed formal training in:
Kym focusses on helping you understand your condition and your treatment options, and she uses a hands on and rehabilitation based approach.
Her special interests include:
When she’s not working, Kym loves being outdoors, and enjoys spending her spare time running, hiking, and glamping (in her motorhome Daisy). She is a total foodie and loves a beer.
Andy Rodda
After graduating as a Physiotherapist in 1990, Andy worked in hospitals for 10 years treating orthopaedic inpatients and musculoskeletal outpatients before moving into private practice. He has extensive experience treating musculoskeletal conditions, with a special interest in treating headaches and back pain. After experiencing headaches following an injury a few years ago, he has a particular empathy and affinity for treating headaches.

Andy’s approach in treating clients is a combination of hands on treatment and providing targeted exercise programs to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

As a qualified Pilates Instructor, Andy has expertise in core strength training and he assists people with developing postural strength to maintain an active lifestyle and to manage back pain.

In the last two years Andy has helped clients to maximise the potential of their arthritic hips and knees by using the GLA:D (Good Living with Arthritis: Denmark) program.

Through an exercise-based approach, he helps you to maintain your
strength and range of movement, whilst also looking at avoiding joint replacement surgery as much as possible.

Andy also has a musical career as a singer/songwriter/guitarist and recently released a new album! He enjoys video editing, graphic design, and cooking spicy snacks. He keeps himself fit by regularly attending the gym and Yin & Yang Yoga.

client testimonial

I cannot speak highly enough of Andrew and the team at SA Integrated Therapies. Andrew is a genuine healer and he has assembled a team of like minded professionals who really care and want to help you. Andrew has significantly improved my quality of life


Do yourself a favour and go and see the team here. You’ve put that niggling pain off too long.
Can not recommend enough. Therapist are extremely knowledgeable and explain every step of the way. Self service cafe area so you can flex your barista muscle if you feel the need.
After dealing with chronic back pain for nearly 10 years, in only two sessions I feel like a new man.
Many thanks Andrew and co!


Have been attending Integrated Therapy for many years. I can’t stress enough how they have helped me with my back problems. for
this l am so gratefull. I have managed a normal life and continue to still work. All five stars have been honestly earnt.


I love the space and the vibe it gives off. I always feel calmer when I’m in there.


The team at SAIT is a friendly, helpful unit, making one feel confident in the treatment offered by professionals.


Always a good experience and good result. I love the atmosphere when I enter the building