Physiotherapy is a health profession that uses expertise and physical techniques to assess your conditions and improve your quality of life by reducing your pain, improving movement and supporting your body’s natural healing abilities.


Physiotherapy treatments and technique include:


Physiotherapy aims to address any pain, injuries, dysfunction, mobility restrictions or strength deficits that may inhibit healthy movement or performance demands.

Our initial consultations are generally one hour long. This includes a complete orthopaedic and functional movement assessment so that your treatment can be specifically tailored to you. Depending on your individual needs, treatment may focus on pain management, rehabilitation, mobility and/or strength and conditioning.

Education and understanding your body is an integral part of healing. We believe that the key to healing lies within the client. Part of what we do is empower you through education – helping you understand your health needs and the incredible potential you hold to manage your body outside of the clinic so you can live your best life without constantly needing us!


Here at SAIT, we truly value you and your health, which is why our Physiotherapists offer comprehensive one-hour treatments. This gives you the opportunity to be thoroughly assessed and treated with a high quality of care, and also gives our Physiotherapists time to explain what is going on with your body and how they will work with you to fix it. But if you have a busy schedule and don’t have an hour to spare, there are 30-minute and 45-minute appointments to choose from as well!

Our Physiotherapists also undergo constant training in sessions with our other therapists. This gives them a deeper understanding of your body – with insights from Chinese Medicine, Musculoskeletal Therapy, and more – and allows them to treat you more holistically, improving your current symptoms and treating the cause of your pain/injuries.


Kym Carter
Kym graduated in 2014 with a Masters in Physiotherapy, following a Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Nuclear Medicine) in 2012. Since graduating, she has worked as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, taking a holistic approach in treating spinal and peripheral injuries.
Along with her degrees, Kym has also completed formal training in:
Kym focusses on helping you understand your condition and your treatment options, and she uses a hands on and rehabilitation based approach.
Her special interests include:
When she’s not working, Kym loves being outdoors, and enjoys spending her spare time running, hiking, and glamping (in her motorhome Daisy). She is a total foodie and loves a beer.

Yasmin runs our Women’s Health Pilates classes!

Yas graduated in 2014 with a Masters in Physiotherapy. Previously she was working for the SA Ambulance Service as a full-time paramedic. She is now a casual Paramedic and dedicating her time to her dream career as a Physiotherapist and as a mother to her four year old Amelia.

Her interests are within sport physiotherapy and stems from her own experience in sport, as a 400m runner on the SA athletic professional circuit and now a triathlete and endurance event junkie. Seeding from her own experience with having her little girl, Yasmin is a keen advocate for helping pre and postnatal women continue and return to sport and/or general fitness and well-being both mentally and physically. She a large believer in biomechanical Physiotherapy and takes a whole-body approach when assessing and treating clients. She also has a soft spot for Neurological Physiotherapy and has seen outstanding grit and determination in these clients who have truly inspired her and provided this same determination in life to whatever she sets her mind to.

Yasmin has completed additional training in:

  • Sport level 1 and 2 Physiotherapy
  • Run analysis and assessment
  • Lower Limb Tendinopathy
  • Advanced dry needling
  • Mat Pilates (APPI)
  • Machine Pilates (level 4 APPI)
  • Neck, thoracic, lower back pain and pelvic dysfunction
  • Return to sport for women post partum

In her spare time she loves spending time with her little girl, partner and his kids, and being out in the sunshine doing anything active and exploring.

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